Unlocking the Leadership Window

Let’s do a quick recap of the meaning of “The Leadership Window”:

Leadership is like a combination lock. When vision, inspiration, and empowerment converge, the lock opens.

Perhaps a leader’s top job is vision casting. But the magic lies not in having a personal vision, though that it is important. The magic is in creating a shared vision, where people are compelled to succeed for mutual benefit. They have to see it for themselves.

People have their own motivations. A leader doesn’t try to create new ones.  Instead, an effective leader knows how to tap into the existing internal motivations of the team members. Inspiration accomplishes this. Give people something to aspire to that aligns with their personal motivation.

Don’t expect things from your team, and then not give them the tools, training, support, confidence, etc. to accomplish those things. Set them free.

Get these three things to converge, and the window opens.

If you are wondering why people are not quick to follow along your path, perhaps it is because you are trying to persuade, rather than inspire. This can’t be about you. The window remains locked. To lead effectively, THEY must catch the vision. THEY must be inspired, and THEY must feel empowered to act. That opens the window.

That’s the Jinks Perspective.

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