Turn Your Video ON

Quick request here folks — when conducting a video meeting during the COVID-19 crisis (or anytime, really), enable your video/webcam. Random right? Why is it such a big deal that I would write a blog post about it?

To be honest, this post is primarily directed to nonprofit board members, because I am hearing a common refrain from your CEOs that I coach.

I know. You don’t want to be seen in your PJs. You want to be able to multi-task. You hate video calls.

But here’s the deal — your team needs you. One thing I am hearing loud and clear as I coach nonprofit executives is: “I wish my board members would enable their video feeds when we have our web meetings.”

Why do they want this, you ask? Because right now, the connectivity is important to people. It’s the closest thing they have to your actually being present, and they need you to be present right now. Your profile picture (or worse, your silhouette) just doesn’t have the same effect as your animated smile, your nodding head, or your literal raised hand — not to mention the fact that people don’t have to try to figure out who is talking.

Believe me, your CEO is aware that you have many other obligations and concerns for your own employees, businesses, and families. But when you joined your nonprofit board, you made a strong commitment to care and support the organization. Your CEO needs the board’s support now, more than ever. That includes seeing your smiling face through the webcam on your laptop. 🙂

It’s a small request, but one that could mean a lot to your staff. There. I said it.

That’s The Jinks Perspective. Stay safe!

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