Tired, Old Strategic Planning – Part 1

Does your organization have a strategic plan?

If so, does it sit in a nice binder on a shelf?  Was the board process excruciating and boring?  Is it all just a bunch of the same old stuff?

Or does it REALLY drive performance, and get everyone aligned on the right work? Do your staff, board, and stakeholders all know what you’re aiming for, and why?

As an award-winning professional photographer, I’ve learned the value of viewing leadership through the right “lenses.” It’s all about PERSPECTIVE, after all.

Jinks Perspective Group helps organizations plan and design for peak performance, using a 5×5 organizational matrix.

The matrix outlines the FIVE key pillars of organizational excellence:

  1. Legitimacy and Brand
  2. Leadership and Culture
  3. Governance and Engagement
  4. Alignment and Performance
  5. Capacity and Sustainability
Each of these components has FIVE subcategories, and each of those has a set of FIVEcritical issues that JPG coaches organizations through to arrive at strategy as well as operational tactics.
The key is, it starts with Strategic DIRECTION – not PLANNING.  More on that in part 2.

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