Taller or Smaller

Coaching an executive recently, he told me that his CEO had a way of making people feel smaller instead of taller. That really hit me. It was as if my client was now coaching ME. So I started asking this question:

When I come into the presence of those I lead, do they feel taller, or do they feel smaller?

Leadership is about the team. It’s about those we lead.

So, how do we make people feel taller or smaller? ┬áHere are a few things…. do you have any to add?

To make people feel SMALLER, try this:

  • Talk down to them.
  • Interrupt them.
  • Dismiss their ideas.
  • Zone out on them while they are talking.
  • Rebuke them in front of others.

To make them feel TALLER, try some of this:

  • Acknowledge them when they enter the room.
  • Listen actively and intently to them.
  • Praise their efforts in front of others.
  • Compliment them on something simple.
  • Assign them something important to you with confidence.

Those things don’t seem so hard, do they? Will we get more out of our team if they feel tall?

I could go on, but I’d rather hear YOUR ideas. Add to the list!



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