Episode 19 – Strategic Doing with Liz Nilsen

The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 19 - Strategic Doing with Liz Nilsen

How do we move from planning to doing? How are they related? Author and strategic doer Liz Nilsen discusses the book and the framework with Patrick.

Nonprofits DO Compete

Attention nonprofit leaders….. You ARE in competition. If your strategy doesn’t address this, you will lose ground. Strategy consists of multiple components. Nonprofits seem to keep missing one of the most important ones.   Read more in our latest Forbes … Read entire article…

It’s MY Year! – FAIL!

If you have read much of my perspective, you already know that I have a bent against strategic planning – the tired, old, conventional strategic planning, that is. Why is this? Because it rarely works! It fails more often than … Read entire article…

I HATE My Strategic Plan!

Have you ever said this? There are a lot of reasons to hate strategic plans. Today, I am writing about one of them — their COMPLEXITY. If a PhD is required to comprehend your organization’s strategic plan, or if it … Read entire article…

Wait…Where Am I Going Again?

“We need a strategic plan.” Really? Are you sure? Have you first crafted an agreed-upon strategic DIRECTION? What’s the difference, you ask? Many (dare I say MOST) boards jump right into strategic planning, without first getting to the essence of … Read entire article…