Episode 72 – Is There Enough? (with Daniel Matalon)

Patrick chats with Daniel Matalon about the problems with a scarcity mindset, and the power of agreement.

Daniel Matalon is the founder of #IsThereEnough, a provocative new conversation about the intersection of survival economics and social justice. He is also the co-founder of Impact Launchpad, a UK-based venture studio for social impact incubation and development.

Working from a book, a conversation, and a unique social research experiment that has taken him to 22 countries, Mr. Matalon is asserting that humanity’s biggest existential threat is not climate change, tribalism, or inequality, but our inability to foster agreement with each other at the level we require to address our challenges.

For more information visit www.isthereenough.org

The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 72 - Is There Enough? (with Daniel Matalon)