Episode 65 – Speechwriting and Public Speaking with Eddie Rice

It doesn’t have to be Carnegie Hall or TED.  Leaders are called on to speak every day — at Rotary meetings, conferences, or board and staff meetings. How do you prepare? How do you EXCEL?

Eddie Rice is a professional speechwriter with over 10 years of experience in helping business leaders, keynote speakers, TED talk presenters, and everyday people, enhance the messages they tell through great storytelling and structure. He started out as an 8th-grade science teacher but turned his love of rhetoric into a profitable freelance career. He also made the transition from freelancer to fully employed. As a speechwriter, he has worked with CEOs, college presidents and trustees, superintendents and principals, business owners, authors, politicians, organization leaders, nonprofit executive directors, and everyone in between. Public speaking and speechwriting are equalizers: we all want to say just the right words whether it’s small groups or large audiences.

His new book was just released on Amazon last week – Toast: Short speeches, Big Impact.

For more information or booking Eddie Rice, visit www.ricespeechwriting.com

The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 65 - Speechwriting and Public Speaking with Eddie Rice