Patrick’s first guest is one of the country’s leading executive coaches, Dr. Jim Smith. Jim and Patrick talk about the 8 leadership attributes today’s CEOs seek for their teams, the top leadership challenges leaders are facing, and the power of coaching.

Jim has coached and trained coaches for the Center for Creative Leadership for 3 decades. As founder and president of Leadership Systems, Inc. (LSI), he coaches executives, designs leadership development programs, and writes – all to help move people from their current state to their desired state.

Jim trains coaches using his Master Coach Model that surfaced from his doctoral dissertation. He has led over 18,500 coaching sessions with mid to senior-level leaders around the world and has trained hundreds of coaches.

Jim and his wife, Karyn have successfully launched four adults and enjoy traveling and working with college students as they plan their careers and future life steps. Jim is the author of The Master Coach Model and loves to apply the art of coaching to pull, not push; to ask, not answer; and to listen, not lecture as he helps develop his clients to think, learn and solve their current challenges.

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The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 2 - The 8 Essential Leadership Attributes with Dr. Jim Smith

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