Episode 18 – The Soil of Leadership with Michael Bryant

In this episode, Patrick sits down with Michael Bryant to discuss the people skills required to be effective in leadership. Michael is Founder and President of Peak Harvest Coaching, a leadership development and coaching firm that was founded on cultivating the soil of leadership. He is an adjunct coach and trainer for Leadership Systems, Inc.

Michael has been a coach to Fortune 20 company executives, CEO’s and VP’s of mid-size businesses, and shop floor managers. He brings over 35 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience to bear as a Coach, Mentor, and Advisor. With strengths in personal development, team building, and strategic planning, he equips business and non-profit leaders with the tools they need to achieve excellence in both work and life.

Over 28 years in store operations at Lowe’s, Michael was instrumental in developing rollout strategies to yield maximum results. As a result of his leadership, Michael was often tapped by executives to test new store operations in the stores that he oversaw and aid in the rollout process nationwide. Michael’s driving force in making these systems successful was not the system itself, but empowering people to be successful. He carries the same mindset of helping others succeed into his leadership coaching today.

Having invested the majority of his career with a Fortune 50 company and starting multiple small businesses, Michael has a breadth of experience and success from which to draw. He is known for his engaging personality and his ability to listen and ask key questions to discover issues of concern. Michael has been a mentor, friend, and confidant to executives, leaders, and frontline employees for decades because of his integrity, trust, and servant’s heart.

For more information, visit peakharvestcoaching.com or contact Michael today!

The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 18 - The Soil of Leadership with Michael Bryant

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