Episode 16 – Tying Our Values to Leadership with Bill Hudson

Leadership is much more than management. It is more than strategy, models, and supervision. Great leaders live out worthy values. We must know who we are as leaders. In this episode, Bill Hudson shares the values that have made him a successful organizational leader and consultant.

Bill Hudson is the founder and CEO of Family Child Care Associates (FCCA), a consultancy focused on supporting the expansion of high-quality family child care businesses.

Before founding FCCA, he served as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Association for Family Child Care. In that role, he was a member of the core task force for NAEYC’s Power to the Profession initiative. He also served as a member of the National Academy of Medicine’s Birth to Age 8 Workforce committee, and their Early Care and Education Innovation Collaborative.

Prior to assuming the leadership role at NAFCC, Hudson had a twenty-year career within public libraries in Pennsylvania. He finished his library career as the executive director for one of Pennsylvania’s largest public library systems and helped lead a statewide initiative to standardize a core technology platform for Pennsylvania libraries.

Bill has nearly twenty-five years of nonprofit leadership at both the executive and board levels. He is currently serving on the advisory board for Wonderschool, as well as on the board of directors for the Virginia Family Child Care Alliance, the Family Child Care Alliance of Maryland, and the shared services organization, Infant Toddler Family Day Care.


The Leadership Window
The Leadership Window
Episode 16 - Tying Our Values to Leadership with Bill Hudson

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