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Episode 14 – Re-Activate Your Life

A collaboration episode with Danielle Sangita, Grace-Anne Alfiero, and Phoebe Ezell – co-authors of Re-Active Your Life: Living, Surviving, and Thriving – Lessons Learned from a Pandemic World. 


Everyday Vision

Leaders cast vision. We all know that. Have a compelling vision, and people will follow, right? Mmmehh… Maybe. From the Jinks Perspective, vision happens every day, in the small moments. During the “windows of opportunity” we talk about as leadership. … Read entire article…

A Better Board Meeting

What are your board meetings like? Are they exceptional? What do you do at board meetings? Approve minutes or consent agendas? Review the monthly financial statements? Hear static reports from various committees about things that have already happened? Are they … Read entire article…

Good Start

Thanks to Rachel Perry, Director of Issues Communications at United Way Worldwide, for reminding me this week how incumbent politicians frame there message.  It always goes something like this… “Good start…. right direction…. more to do.” They start with the … Read entire article…