The Coaching Continuum

Forbes CoachesThe Jinks Perspective on Strategic Planning is that it is neither the starting point nor the end point in successfully executing an organizational mission.  It is part of a coaching continuum that creates clarity, alignment, and order to the work.

The Jinks Perspective can assist your organization at any step along the coaching continuum where help is most needed, or, we offer a coaching package that includes all 4 steps, over a period of 6-9 months.

Coaching ContinuumPHASE I – The Jinks Perspective coaches boards through the setting of strategic direction.  This critical first step ensures agreement and clarity on a shared vision for the future of the organization and the primary tenets of strategy.  This step is NOT strategic planning.

PHASE II – Next, we coach boards and staff through the strategic planning process.  This step involves the identification and agreement on the specific strategies that the organization will pursue.

PHASE III – The next step in the coaching continuum is operational planning. We coach staff leaders through the process of operationalizing the strategic plan — determining the specific work that must be done internally to drive the strategies.

PHASE IV – Last, but NOT least, The Jinks Perspective coaches executive staff in leadership, engagement, and execution.

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