Executive Leadership Coaching

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“The world-class executive coaching I received from The Jinks Perspective had a profound effect on my understanding of my own capabilities. I wish I had done it sooner in my career. Patrick helped me find my “CEO swagger.” Working with a former non-profit CEO as a coach was immensely rewarding, because he gets the CEO/board relationship, and has been key in helping me understand the dynamics of that relationship. He has helped me to rediscover my authentic voice and to realize that it is necessary to effectively lead an organization.”

Bill Hudson, CEO
National Association for Family Child Care
Salt Lake City, UT

Actors…Singers…Athletes…… even Presidents …. They all use a coach….WHY? Because…

…they want to be the best they can be.
…they know they cannot do it alone.
…they do not rely only on their raw talent.
…they embrace accountability.
…they pursue clarity.
…they constantly strive to improve.
…they like winning.
…they know there’s always a higher level.
…they seek help with the hard challenges.


Shouldn’t high-performing organizational leaders have a coach too?

The Jinks Perspective provides certified leadership coaching for you and/or your senior leaders.

  • Custom coaching packages
  • Proven coach model
  • World-class assessment
  • Personalized development planning
  • Goal tracking
  • Visible results

As an adjunct coach and trainer with Leadership Systems, Inc., The Jinks Perspective’s Dr. Patrick Jinks employs a coaching method based on the world-class model used and taught by coaches at the Center for Creative Leadership.

executive coaching“Patrick helped me in ways no one else has done, and in ways that I continue utilizing. He has a way of holding his coachees accountable for real change. Patrick’s coaching was so valuable to me, we had him come to Nashville to teach Leadership System’s Master Coaching model to our senior staff from around the country.”

— Sue Buchholtz, President & CEO
Evergreen Life Services

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