Everyday Vision

Leaders cast vision. We all know that. Have a compelling vision, and people will follow, right?

Mmmehh… Maybe.

From the Jinks Perspective, vision happens every day, in the small moments. During the “windows of opportunity” we talk about as leadership.

Yes, there is the big lofty vision. But usually, even if that vision is not some unattainable Utopia, it is difficult to grasp on a daily basis as a lens for our work.

Here’s the thing. People fear what they cannot see. If your team seems disengaged, confused, or in conflict, it is possible they are struggling to see in front of themselves.  Effective leaders help people see.

Let that statement marinate a tad longer:

Leaders help people see.

There’s an entire book in that sentence. One day I may write it. But this is a short blog post. So I will leave this with you…

How are you helping your team see better on a daily basis?

What are your team’s blind spots? How are you helping them recognize those blind spots?

What is your team’s horizon vision? Not the one on the other side of the world — just the one that is right down the road. Is there a vision of what’s next?

Is there a vision for a better meeting? A clearer document? A more effective sales call? A departmental restructuring?

How can you bring vision to life in the little moments to add energy to the mundane for your organization?

That’s the Jinks Perspective.


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