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Engage to Exceed is the most powerful training and coaching program your team will experience this year!

Retain your top employees, enhance performance, and increase productivity through Employee Engagement

With Engage to Exceed, your company gets undivided, hands-on attention! We will measure your employee engagement, interpret the results, coach your managers, and help you lift employee engagement to new heights!

What is Employee Engagement?

HINT: It is NOT the same as Job Satisfaction!

At The Jinks Perspective, we define Employee Engagement as:

"A measure of the level of intellectual, physical, and emotional commitment an employee demonstrates toward the organization and its mission."

In other words, it's about what they GIVE -- Not what they GET.

Understanding Employee Engagement is the first step toward improving it!

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Benefits of Hosting Engage to Exceed at Your Company

  • True, research-based measurement of your company's employee engagement
  • Compare with national benchmarks
  • Onsite employee focus groups for deeper insight
  • Partnering with executive staff to design strategy
  • Full-day onsite Engagement Bootcamp covering the drivers of engagement
  • Personalized Leader Plans for each manager
  • Full-day Leadership Coaching Bootcamp for managers  
  • 1-on-1 coaching session for up to 6 leaders (additional sessions optional)

The Impact of Employee Engagement

The Research is Clear

Each year, Gallup conducts extensive research on employee engagement around the world. Their findings below are only a few examples of the impact employee engagement can have on your company.

Customer Service and Sales

Teams that address everyday engagement issues enjoy 10% greater customer satisfaction and 20% higher sales.


Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%.


Companies in the top quartile of employee engagement have 70% fewer safety incidents.


The average number of unhealthy days per month is 2.17 for disengaged employees, and only 1.25 for engaged employees.

Employee Engagement Drives Everything Important In Your Company

The research shows solid connections between employee engagement and:

  • Employee Retention
  • Morale
  • Trust
  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Revenue
  • ...and More!

The Jinks Perspective can help your organization measure your employee engagement, coach your managers to engage employees more effectively, and teach your leaders to create a coaching culture.

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Engage to Exceed is a COMPLETE leadership experience grounded in research and evidence-based practices.

Assesment Phase Measure Your Employee Engagement and Compare to Benchmarks

The Jinks Perspective uses a proven measurement tool developed by the Society for Human Resources Management that assesses both job satisfaction and employee engagement levels and factors, and establishes targets by comparing to national benchmarks. 

The process reveals the assets and liabilities that have your employees either giving their all, or looking for a way out. The assessment provides the framework for creating a successful engagement strategy.

Focus Group Phase A Deeper Dive

During this phase, we will identify the key data points from Phase I and get laser-focused on what is behind the numbers. We will conduct a day of confidential, anonymous employee and manager focus groups to achieve greater clarity on what is working, and what needs improving. This qualitative data will be used to refine the engagement strategy during an executive briefing.

Engagement Bootcamp Phase Employee Engagement Coaching

A full day of group manager training and coaching on 10 top drivers of employee engagement. Leaders will build individual engagement plans with coaching support, plan templates, and engagement driver tools.

Coaching Bootcamp Phase Creating a Coaching Culture

A full-day leadership coaching training intensive. Managers will learn the #1 engagement tool – effective coaching -- Based on the model taught at the Center for Creative Leadership and Leadership Systems. 

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching Phase

The Jinks Perspective will provide a 1-on-1 coaching session for up to 6 senior leaders (additional managers can be added as an upgrade option). The coaching will help managers gain traction on the leader plans they develop during the bootcamp.

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What Others Are Saying

Engage to Exceed is an example of an outcomes‐based leadership development program that was well worth our investment in the process. Our results: We now outperform the national benchmarks on 34 of the 37 engagement factors!

Gayle Aycock, LRADAC  

As an Engage to Exceed coach, Patrick goes far beyond being a presenter. He interacts with and coaches his audiences, draws out their best thinking, and leads them to meaningful action.

Timothy Ervolina, Ervolina Associates, Inc.

The Jinks Perspective's workshop on how to engage other leaders attracted more than 80 nonprofit leaders from across Upstate South Carolina. Talk about engagement! The audience was highly engaged throughout the session, as Patrick used a diverse set of teaching methods to keep them energized and inspired.

Patrick is versatile and skilled at getting to the core of complex issues and engaging participants.

Debbie Nelson, DNA Creative Communications 

Patrick Jinks has served as one of our adjunct coaches here at Leadership Systems, Inc. (LSI) since 2010. Today, he is one of our most active coaches and trainers, coaching executive leaders at large corporations across the southeast.

As a coach and trainer for The Center for Creative Leadership for nearly 3 decades, I know world‐class facilitation when I see it. Patrick is adaptable to virtually any training or coaching setting, and gives dedicated attention to his (and our) clients. He is no cookie‐cutter trainer or facilitator.

Dr. Jim Smith, Leadership Systems, Inc. 

Several years ago, I engaged Patrick as my executive coach. Within just a few sessions, the experience elevated my leadership. In fact, the coaching from Patrick prompted me to bring Patrick to train a group of our managers in Nashville on the method and culture of coaching. What a difference it has made!

The Jinks Perspective is exactly that. A fresh perspective on leadership that sparks critical thinking, innovation, and inspiration.

Sue Buchholtz, Evergreen Life Services

Meet Your Engage to Exceed Coach

The Jinks Perspective President Patrick Jinks is a certified leadership coach, professional speaker, facilitator, planner, and trainer with a proven 20-year track record in organizational leadership. 

For nearly 10 years, The Jinks Perspective has helped for-profit and nonprofit leaders achieve clarity, simplicity, and alignment in their work, through executive coaching with CEOs and senior leaders, strategy coaching with boards, and engagement coaching with manager teams.

As a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Patrick is a regular contributor to Forbes.com, and his upcoming book Taking the Leap (to be released this October) is co-authored with executive coaching legend Marshall Goldsmith and Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield. Patrick is also the author of the Amazon Kindle book, eGuide to Employee Engagement.

Patrick’s fresh approach to leadership and strategy comes from his decades of organizational leadership success, as well as his grasp on the importance of “perspective”. As an award-winning professional photographer, Patrick is well-attuned to the value of viewing challenges through the right “lenses.” Perspective makes all the difference!

Patrick has a unique ability to draw out the best in a leader or team, synthesize and make actionable meaning of data, and inspire at the same time. His unique definition of leadership is: A window of opportunity during which vision, inspiration, & empowerment converge to propel people toward a shared goal.  

“The Jinks Perspective understands that process alone will never produce results. They will help you and your team stay focused on action — what needs to happen next, and who is going to accomplish it. Patrick is not just a leadership coach: he’s a leader who models the leadership that he helps others achieve. There are a lot of trainers out there, most of whom are only good at reading Powerpoint slides and handing out photocopied worksheets, in a kind of corporate version of a middle school math class. Patrick distills the essence of a curriculum and gets participants to make it their own.”

Tim Ervolina, Ervolina & Associates