“Our organization has been leading recovery efforts in response to the tornado that hit our community recently. Patrick’s CEO coaching and leadership lessons were INVALUABLE for me in the process, as I have found myself in the ultimate leadership position to organize volunteer and donation efforts, as well as putting together our onsite multi-agency resource center for storm victims. Convening, collaborating, and navigating relationships has been key to making all of this run as smoothly as possible. And, when you have your local EMA, city officials, and storm victims leaning on you for help, it is certainly not the time for weak leadership. In fact, I have discovered that sometimes, my leadership has to fill the gap where others have not come through. All I can say to Patrick is THANK YOU!”

Shannon Jenkins, President/CEO
United Way of East Central Alabama
Anniston, AL

“As a 26-year trainer and coach for the Center for Creative Leadership, I have learned that some are leadership theorists and some are leadership practitioners; Patrick is both. He understands theoretical frameworks, but he has also demonstrated the same leadership he teaches under real life challenges, and has emerged as a true leadership practitioner. As a Certified Executive Coach with LSI, he has effectively trained corporate leaders at our Leadership Coaching Training (LCT) seminar. Participants are attracted to Patrick’s coaching heart and his leadership mind, for both have been refined in the crucible of senior leadership roles dealing with colleagues, senior staff, board leaders, and clients. Patrick knows leadership. He can pull the best from you, skillfully present, and help you and your team apply leadership principles.”

Dr. Jim Smith, President
Leadership Systems, Inc.
High Point, NC

“Patrick’s coaching process combined with his own adaptive leadership style is a powerful one-two punch for leadership development and has been an effective tool for us to help Senior Leaders identify their strengths and blind spots. The Jinks Perspective’s ability to overlay influence strategy to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals is critical.”

Rosemary Rein, Former Director, Learning and Knowledge
United Way Worldwide
Alexandria, VA (D.C area)

“Patrick’s approach to leadership has given me and other Scouting leaders a refreshing “perspective.” He applies his coaching model to everything he does, from training sessions to keynote addresses. Having had many one-on-one leadership engagements with him over the years, I can truly say that he understands the daily challenges nonprofit leaders (particularly CEOs) face, because he has lived them successfully for over 20 years. From talent and performance management to one-on-one coaching, The Jinks Perspective is a huge resource and asset to the social sector.”

John L. Meeks, Director, Area 9
Boy Scouts of America
Newnan, GA (Atlanta)

“Patrick was easygoing, conversational, and informal, yet razor sharp in laying out the best use of our time in setting strategic direction. He inspired and galvanized us in reminding us of the deep nature of our mission as an arts organization, and how important our work is to our community.  When conversations became intense and emotional, Patrick grounded us, challenged us to remain focused, and reminded us that there is more than one right answer.  Patrick genuinely cares about the organizations he coaches, and offers the perfect mix of head and heart that is essential for nonprofit success. He is a great communicator, accurate observer, and dynamic facilitator. We are grateful Patrick was available for us when we needed him!”

Rob Levit, Founding Director
Creating Communities
Annapolis, MD

“The world-class coaching I received from The Jinks Perspective had a profound effect on my understanding of my own capabilities. I wish I had done it sooner in my career. Patrick helped me find my “CEO swagger.” Working with another non-profit CEO as a coach was immensely rewarding, because he gets the CEO/board relationship, and has been key in helping me understand the dynamics of that relationship. He has helped me to rediscover my authentic voice and to realize that it is necessary to effectively lead an organization.”

Bill Hudson, CEO
National Association for Family Child Care
Salt Lake City, UT

“We invited The Jinks Perspective to present to experienced HR leaders within the National Industries for the Blind network across the country. Patrick customized an employee engagement workshop for our audience, which resulted in very positive feedback. His delivery utilized examples, detailed information, and practical references that served as great data points for the audience. I have no hesitation requesting TJP to engage with future audiences!”

Jack E. Tootson, CEO, National Industries for the Blind
Washington, D.C. Area
(Jack is now CEO of Global Performance Measurement Systems, Inc.)

“The Jinks Perspective understands that process alone will never produce results. They will help you and your team stay focused on action — what needs to happen next, and who is going to accomplish it. Patrick is not just a leadership coach: he’s a leader who models the leadership that he helps others achieve. There are a lot of trainers out there, most of whom are only good at reading Powerpoint slides and handing out photocopied worksheets, in a kind of corporate version of a middle school math class. Patrick distills the essence of a curriculum and gets participants to make it their own.”

Tim Ervolina, VP and CFO
Ervolina Associates
Columbia, SC

“Patrick possesses outstanding leadership, coaching, mentoring and teaching skills. I have been through many trainings, motivational sessions, conferences, etc. in my career, but Patrick helped me in ways no one else has done, and in ways that I continue utilizing. He has a way of holding his coachees accountable for real change. Patrick’s coaching was so valuable to me, we had him come to Nashville to teach Leadership System’s Master Coaching model to our senior staff from around the country. The stellar evaluations spoke for themselves.”

Sue Buchholtz, President & CEO
Evergreen Life Services
Shreveport, LA

“Every work a masterpiece! Patrick Jinks/The Jinks Perspective brings a wealth of knowledge and experience – and most importantly – a remarkable ability to connect it to each unique problem or process. This is no cookie-cutter consulting group; Patrick will listen to you, understand your needs (and help you to articulate them!), and customize a training, coaching or facilitation to effectively accomplish your goals. He facilitated a retreat of my board and staff, receiving very high evaluation scores for bringing a diverse but mission-focused group together, and making it seem effortless. ”

Eileen Coogan, President and CEO
Allegany Franciscan Ministries
Tampa, FL

“Our 5-star Chamber of Commerce has engaged The Jinks Perspective on numerous occasions, because in a world where change is our only constant, leaders must be prepared with the tools, knowledge, and competencies to drive and respond to change as situations demand. Patrick provides professional coaching and training to help individuals and organizations at all levels of the leadership spectrum. He encourages and challenges participants to master new skills, new behaviors, and new attitudes. His commitment to leadership provides a safe, yet challenging, environment for all participants.”

Laurie Moran, President and CEO
Danville-Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce
Danville, VA

“Patrick really pushed the team designing our national training session to get to the heart of the issue to ensure that we provided the most useful material for participants. I found him to be very insightful about the challenges faced by United Way leaders as he provided “out of the box” and effective solutions to address these challenges.”

Eric Glaser, Director, Network Engagement and Performance
United Way Worldwide (U.S. Network)
Alexandria, VA (DC Metro Area)