Did You Miss This Step?

Strategic Direction — Check.

Strategic Plan — Check.

Operational Plan — Check.

Leadership Plan — Che…. wait…WHAT?

Are you trying to lead a new strategy and take your organization to a higher place, using the same leadership tactics and skills you have employed for the past 10 years?

When is the last time you elevated your leadership? How much focused time and effort have you put into your own leadership growth?

Do you operate from an intentional leadership strategy? Or do you just “trust your instincts?”

Why is it that the world’s best athletes, singers, actors, professional speakers, and Fortune 500 CEOs engage coaches?

The answer is very simple. They know what got them HERE won’t get them THERE.

But for some reason (we blame money, but that’s not always it), in the social sector, we don’t take advantage of the most proven and impacting tools available — leadership coaching.

When I launched The Jinks Perspective, I committed to making world-class leadership coaching accessible to nonprofits. Many Fortune 500 CEOs pay as much as $100,000 for a coach.

My last paid coach, who was outstanding, charged about $30K for a year-long engagement. I was running a nonprofit organization at the time, and while my organization could afford it, I realized that was indeed steep for many nonprofits who could really use such an amazing process.

So, I set a rate schedule that immediately engaged nonprofit leaders who were dying to have the experience and grow their leadership, but couldn’t afford rates like those. Results have been transformational for those leaders.

Below are some testimonials from leaders whom I have either coached, or who have seen the results of my coaching on others:

  • “The world-class coaching I received from The Jinks Perspective had a profound effect on my understanding of my own capabilities. I wish I had done it sooner in my career. Patrick helped me find my “CEO swagger.” Working with another non-profit CEO as a coach was immensely rewarding, because he gets the CEO/board relationship, and has been key in helping me understand the dynamics of that relationship. He has helped me to rediscover my authentic voice and to realize that it is necessary to effectively lead an organization.” — Bill Hudson, Executive Director, National Association for Family Child Care
  • “Patrick possesses outstanding leadership, coaching, mentoring and teaching skills. I have been through many trainings, motivational sessions, conferences, etc. in my career, but Patrick helped me in ways no one else has done, and in ways that I continue utilizing. He has a way of holding his coachees accountable for real change. Patrick’s coaching was so valuable to me, we had him come to Nashville to teach Leadership System’s Master Coaching model to our senior staff from around the country. The stellar evaluations spoke for themselves.” – Sue Buchholtz, CEO, Evergreen Life Services
  • “As a 26-year trainer and coach for the Center for Creative Leadership, I have learned that some are leadership theorists and some are leadership practitioners; Patrick is both. He understands theoretical frameworks, but he has also demonstrated the same leadership he teaches under real life challenges, and has emerged as a true leadership practitioner. As a Certified Executive Coach with LSI, he has effectively trained corporate leaders at our Leadership Coaching Training (LCT) seminar. Participants are attracted to Patrick’s coaching heart and his leadership mind, for both have been refined in the crucible of senior leadership roles dealing with colleagues, senior staff, board leaders, and clients. Patrick knows leadership. He can pull the best from you, skillfully present, and help you and your team apply leadership principles.” – Dr. Jim Smith, President, Leadership Systems, Inc.
  • “The Jinks Perspective understands that process alone will never produce results. They will help you and your team stay focused on action — what needs to happen next, and who is going to accomplish it. Patrick is not just a leadership coach: he’s a leader who models the leadership that he helps others achieve. There are a lot of trainers out there, most of whom are only good at reading Powerpoint slides and handing out photocopied worksheets, in a kind of corporate version of a middle school math class. Patrick distills the essence of a curriculum and gets participants to make it their own.” – Tim Ervolina, Ervolina & Associates (formerly CEO of United Way Association of South Carolina)
  • “Patrick’s coaching process combined with his own adaptive leadership style is a powerful one-two punch for leadership development and has been an effective tool for us to help Senior Leaders identify their strengths and blind spots. The Jinks Perspective’s ability to overlay influence strategy to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals is critical.” – Rosemary Rein, former Director of Learning and Knowledge, United Way Worldwide

As a certified coach and member of the Forbes Coaches Council, I coach corporate executives and nonprofit executives alike. I use the same master coach model and process, the same world-class assessment tools, and the same goal-setting and support.

There are a number of great coaches out there. It doesn’t have to be me. But it should be somebody! You can have the greatest strategy in the world. It requires elevated leadership to execute and keep all the moving parts aligned, inspired, and engaged. It’s about more than just your personal performance. It’s about your leadership.

It’s also not a question of whether the coach is worth the investment. It’s a question of whether YOU are worth the investment — whether your organization and community are worth the investment.

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