Can You Pass This Leadership Test?

Are you a leader with a team?

I have a challenge for you.

Here’s how it works. Start with your own team. For example, if you are a CEO, start with your senior team. If you do well there, go to the next level of your org chart, and take the test again.

Ok, it’s not really a test. It’s more of a quick reflection/assessment in the area of interpersonal relationships.

Ready? Here we go:

Do you know the names and occupations of your team members’ spouses/significant others?

Do you know where your team members live?

Do you know the names and approximate ages of their children?

What else do you know about the spouses and children? What about parents/siblings?

Do you know the hobbies and talents of your team members?

What other personal information do you know about your team members? Favorite foods? Musical interests? Books or movies? Favorite sports teams?

How are you doing? Ok, let’s get a little tougher…

Have you ever been to a hospital, or even a funeral on behalf of any of your team members’ family/friends?

How about a wedding? Graduation? Other significant event?

Have you ever sent a personal card to their homes for any reason?

Do you personally recognize birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Of your team members?

That’s enough for now.

How did you do? What other questions could go on a test like this?

Do you think these things are important as a leader? How and why? Do your employees care if you are interested in them as people?

Here’s a twist on the exercise: Reverse it. How well do your team members know YOU?

As I coach leaders, I find that the relationship component is often overlooked by leaders. It’s all about the mission. After all, there is often a fine line between being a boss and a friend. Yet research shows that employees’ relationship with their supervisors is one of the top drivers of engagement. Why do you think that is?

Are you familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? What personal data does your organization track on donors or customers? Why? If relationship is key to attracting and retaining top donors and customers, how much more important do you think it is in engaging, retaining, and growing your team?

That’s The Jinks Perspective!

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