(our underlying purpose)

Leading social change is complex, progress often takes longer than it should,
resources seem scarce and fragmented, and leadership can be a lonely space.

(our vision)

Our vision is a faster, stronger, more abundant, more agile social (nonprofit) sector.

(our mission/charge)

The mission of The Jinks Perspective is to help social sector
leaders and their teams achieve meaningful action by
clarifying, simplifying, and aligning their work.

(our strategy)

We provide nonprofit leaders with access to world‐class
leadership and strategy coaching. 

More on our Strategic Positioning

A Coaching Approach

While our work sometimes intersects with consulting, our strategic asset is coaching. Coaching draws out and elevates the best thinking of the leader or group being coached. Coaching distributes leadership and achieves collaborative results.

Coaching centers on the use of the right critical questions that lead to deeper thinking and greater clarity.  We not only utilize coaching in our work, but we also teach coaching to leaders. The Jinks Perspective president, Dr. Patrick Jinks, is a certified leadership and strategy coach through Leadership Systems, Inc., and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. He has delivered thousands of coaching hours in both individual and team settings.

The Jinks Perspective is a proud business partner at Together SC, our home state’s nonprofit association, and one of the finest in the country. If you lead a nonprofit in South Carolina, this is the best resource in the state for nonprofits, from “The Jinks Perspective.” If you lead a business in South Carolina, we encourage you to become an ally for good and join Together SC as a business partner. The return for us has been exponential, and we are able to impact our state’s social sector — for GOOD!  Click HERE to learn more.