10 Ways to Empower Your Team Members

Leadership is not about being the individual high performer anymore. It’s about getting the best out of others. When vision, inspiration, and empowerment converge to propel teams toward shared goals, what does the empowerment part look like? Here are 10 actions to get you started:

  1. Give them a challenge that stretches their competence.
  2. Delegate opportunity – not tasks.
  3. Expect more, and then reward them when they deliver.
  4. Give them autonomy.
  5. Avoid micromanaging them, even if it’s an area of expertise for you.
  6. Extend trust whenever possible.
  7. Always say yes – unless there is a super good reason to say no.
  8. Help them through their failures, and put them right back out there.
  9. Ask questions. Then ask more. Then more. Questions about their opinions, ideas, and cautions.
  10. Show them their progress and encourage them to keep moving.

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